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Our Treatments

See our list of physician blended and recommended infusion and injection options. Not sure what you need? Give us a call. We can recommend an infusion tailored to your individual symptoms and needs.


1 hour - $285.00

The OG infusion drip for hydration, energy, and immune system support. Best for fatigue, insomnia, migraines, muscle pain, and menstrual cramps.

MagnesiumCL 9.65, B1 1.62, B2 3.23,  B3 1.62, B5 4.07, B6 1.63, B12 Hydroxo 0.1, Calcium Gluc 4.03, Ascorbic Acid 64.4  (per ml) 

1 hour - $300.00

Packed with Vitamin C and Zinc, this infusion fights illnesses, relieves sinus pressure, and reduces inflammation. Perfect for battling viruses, bacteria, and seasonal allergies. 

Vitamin C, B-complex, Mg, Zinc, and glutathione

1 hour - $270.00

Boost your energy and fight a lingering hangover with enhanced hydration. Easily replenish lost fluids and nutrients, and take on the day refreshed. 

Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin C, B-complex, B12, Magnesium 

1 hour - Pricing Varies Upon Regimen

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) includes tons of anti-aging properties and plentiful benefits for mind and body. Helps with energy, inflammation, mental clarity. 

Requires MD consult and typically offered in 6 week courses

Intramuscular Injections

1 hour - $30.00

Great for athletes looking to recover and B12 deficient patients looking for relief. Fights fatigue, weakness, and can enhance mood.  

Usually administered as multi-course injections between .5ml to 2ml.

1 hour - $30.00

Get gorgeous with active ingredients including gluthaione, and vitamin C, combating dehydration, dull skin, fine lines, low energy. 

Administered in 1ml-2ml injections

1 hour - $30.00

Fight infections and get better sleep by bringing in the hydration you need. This injection is more powerful than any home remedy. 

Contains zinc, vitamin c, and glutathione. Given in 0.5-1ml injections.

What Our Clients Say

Sally P., Retired

“Was feeling tired and crummy due to travel from the west coast, got 2 infusions and felt energized for the rest of my stay here with the grandkids!”
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